Marketing & Advertising.Brand management. Strategic marketing. Audit and bid management.

Branding is the overall image of a service or product of a company. This is the sum of all the communication keys by which it is made known.

Each brand seeks to position itself as efficiently on the market, and that the public’s perception is as good and as close to reality as possible.
We help your company to have the desired image, so that the brand can fit very well (positively) in the minds of customers and generate trust.

All the campaigns we undertake are always based on a marketing strategy and a very well defined purpose.

Strategic marketing is the process by which we efficiently focus your available resources so that we can use existing opportunities. All of these, in order to increase your sales and market share.

We do a detailed analysis of the image of your business to identify what works and what doesn’t. If your business is not so well positioned in the market, if you do not have the expected results or even if you are rebranding, a marketing audit is necessary to identify your problems.

Thus, we measure the results of your business.

At the same time, based on the audit, we can make a marketing strategy as good as possible. The audit is performed at the internal level of a company or at the external level. Through this process we will identify the problems existing in your company, such as: customer or employee dissatisfaction, internal or external dysfunctions.

In order for the implementation to be successful, we start by putting all the ideas on paper, we establish the structure of the project and the users targeted, and then we create a visual guide that represents the skeleton of the pages, the wireframe. It contains all the information regarding page layout, content structuring, button functionality and page interaction. From this moment we have a clear picture of how the user will interact with the site. Another important step is to create the visual identity by choosing the right colors and fonts that must be fully consistent with your brand.

After launching the site we also deal with online advertising campaigns using web banners, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords so as to attract as many users. Depending on the profile of your business we choose the most advantageous methods for promotion.

We know very well how to do these things and how to turn a banal site into an extraordinary one.
We do not do dozen projects, each website is specially built according to the person and his business or idea. For us it is a new challenge and this is precisely why we work with enthusiasm every time. Challenge us and we will delight you!

From idea to business!